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Hydraulic Hoses for Casters in steel plants

Hydraulic Hoses for Casters in steel plants
Hydraulic Hoses for Casters in steel plants
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Product Description

Hydraulic Hoses for Caster areas in  integrated steel Plants

An integrated steel mill has all the functions for primary steel production: iron making (conversion of ore to liquid iron), steelmaking (conversion of pig iron to liquid steel), casting (solidification of the liquid steel), roughing rolling/billet rolling (reducing size of blocks).In many hydraulics systems, inflexible or rigid pipes or tubes are used to transfer energy-generating liquid between different components to form a complete hydraulic circuit. Pipes and tubes can be rigid in order to bridge small amounts of space in a controlled manner. For instance, in a hydraulic circuit contained within a small casing, there is no extra room for piping, so the connections must be rigid and contained within the casing. Some hydraulic circuits have much more liberal space accommodations or even require connection flexibility to facilitate faster replacement or range of motion operations. For example, many construction machines have external, flexible hydraulic hose connections so the tools are free to move.
A number of standards exist for hydraulic hose production and use. Standards govern industry connection specifications and hose material, as well as guide installation operations.
Types of Hydraulic Hose Construction

Due to the variety of hydraulic hose applications and the range of chemicals and pressures they will be subjected to, there are likewise a number of hydraulic hose constructions.

  • Reinforced: This type of hosing resembles the basic three-layer construction, but with extra buffers in the reinforcement layer, most often in the form of textile braid, wire braid, or wire helix material around the inner tube.

  • Coiled: Coiled hoses are semi-rigid hoses designed for expansion and easy storing. Because the hose is coiled, it can stretch in such a way that does not put unnecessary pressure on the hose materials.

  • Corrugated: Another method of increasing expansion and flexibility in a hose is to introduce corrugation. Corrugation manifests as small threads or folds in the material of the hose, somewhat like an accordion, that allow the hose to expand and compress without damaging the housing.

  • Articulated: Articulated hoses are hoses built in sections, with rigid shafts connected by flexible joints. The articulation allows hoses to turn corners or swivel around other components.

  • Multi-element: Hoses that involve multiple elements listed above are termed “multi-element hoses.”

 Hydraulic Hose Compatibility: Liquids

There are three main kinds of liquid that will pass through a hydraulic hose in steel Plants. These include:

  •        Petroleum oil
  •         Synthetic oil
  •         Liquid with a high-water content


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